Advice: When your mom thinks your curls aren’t wedding-worthy

by Michelle Stiver, Salon Aficionado

Q: My mother doesn’t think I should wear my natural curls on my wedding day. What should I do?

A: With wedding season in full effect, I’ve seen many brides experiencing pushback from their mothers about wearing their natural curls on their wedding day. I encourage you to stand your ground. 

For many of us, our mothers were born in a time when wearing their natural hair wasn’t considered formal enough for special occasions. As time has passed, we have grown to find acceptance in our natural beauty. 

Oftentimes what our mothers envision as “natural” is frizzy, unkept hair. The reality is your natural curls are gorgeous, and you will be glad that you trusted a curl specialist to help create your finished look for your wedding. 

I always remind my brides that they want to recognize themselves in their wedding pictures. It’s best if you feel like yourself, just enhanced. You’ll look at your wedding pictures for years to come — I want you to love them!

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